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            How Arnold Schwarzenegger Ate and Lifted to Stay in Terminator Shape

            “When you’re young, you get away with a lot of things.”

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            Ball exercises
            12 Simple Ways to Lose Weight After 50

            A few small shifts help you shed extra pounds.

            This Triceps Triple-Dropset Will Explode Your Arms

            Use your bodyweight and a bench (or chair or step) to blast your triceps into oblivion—anytime, anywhere.

            How Doing Yoga Teaches You To Stay Calm

            Eddie Hall shares the moves and exercises that help him build mind-body strength.

            The Gym-Goer's Guide to Intermittent Fasting

            Your gym sessions will be fine if you have the right strategy.

            Timbaland Stared Down Death, Beat Addiction, and Lost 130 Pounds

            Legendary hip hop producerTim Mosley—you know him as Timbalandreveals his fitness and mental health secrets.

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            joker actors joaquin phoenix jack nicholson heath ledger
            A Definitive Ranking of the Best (and Worst) Actors To Play The Joker

            Never let Jared Leto near clown make-up again.

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            sebastian stan
            Sebastian Stan Is Done Keeping Up With the Chrises

            'Bulky Barnes' is about to have his best year ever.

            best superhero movies 2020 marvel dc
            The Superhero Movies We Can't Wait for in 2020

            It's going to be a big year for Marvel and DC.

            Henry Cavill Dehydrates for Shirtless Scenes

            "You get to the point where you can smell water nearby."

            40 Male Celebrities Who Don't Drink Alcohol

            These are some of the most notable men who are committed to staying sober.

            Style & Gear

            The Men's Health 2020 Home Gym Awards

            Our editors picked the best gear to help you build a home gym tailored to your exact needs.

            I Finally Found My Perfect Pair of White Sneakers

            Fila's Targa style just got a seriously stylish upgrade.

            Connecticut v Syracuse
            Use A Massage Gun to Recover From Tough Workouts

            Accelerate your recovery (and your gains!) with a massage gun

            The Polydrop Trailer is the Future of Campers

            A futuristic design mixed with all the comforts you need on the road.